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Dear Author,

Hello, and thank you for writing for me! I'm really excited about this exchange, and I hope you are too. My sign-up is pretty detailed, but I thought I'd offer a list of specific likes and dislikes and my prompts one more time, if a letter is easier for you to organize than the sign-up.

General things I like:

-Happy endings. Obviously, some exceptions can be made in this exchange if you're writing horror fic, but I like at least a positive, hopeful ending.
-Chosen families
-Cuddling, closeness, forehead kisses. Both romantic and platonic.
-For porn, I'm pretty open to anything except the dislikes below. Some tried and true favorite kinks include: spanking, lots of kissing, over-stimulation, watersports, and light bondage.
-Slice of life/day in life
-Missing scenes, codas, etc..
-Specific to horror/supernatural/darkfic, I like psychological horror, bodyswapping, body horror, possession, ghosts, or just the dark truths about characters I love. Aura of creepy is typically better than all out gore, but I don't have a problem with gore, either.

Some general dislikes:

-Character bashing. Even characters we're "supposed" to dislike.
-Characters being rivals with each other in romance.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Porn that includes: enemas, medical kink, or sounding.

I give a lot of pairing options, but I genuinely enjoy gen fics, too. If you aren't in pairing fics, or just not the pairings I mentioned, don't feel obligated to write them. Gen is totally acceptable.

Arrow, Thea Queen (fanfiction)

I absolutely adore Thea Queen. I love her when she's dark and down, and when she's doing well. I will read Thea paired with anyone. That includes her brothers. Go for it if that's a dark thing you want to write, I'm all for it. Or just some Thea dark gen, as she goes down her new path. Thea discovering her inner darkness is enticing. Those demons are totally her own.

For happy fluffy, I still go with any pairings. I have a major soft spot for Thea/Sin, Thea/Roy/Sin, and Thea/Laurel, if you want to write any of those. Just, Thea being happy. Those moments are pretty few and far between for her.

Banshee, Any character (fanfiction, fanart)

I love Job so much, and would love some Job fic. Gen, shipping with Hood, because I ship that, bring it on. Job doing fucked-up things and being sassy as he does it. Really, the same goes for Hood prompts, just with less sass. Fic of them pre-prison when things were a bit simpler. Or that one time they slept together.

Or if you're here for art, I would kill for Hood in drag. Actually, that's a good fic prompt, too.

I nominated Kai and Rebecca because I ship it, shamelessly. I'd love some dark, messed up, violent thing. I don't even know if that's a trick or a treat. It can be both. I'm okay with gen about them too if you find that incest isn't your thing.

Just no non-con.

Cracked: After Hours, Any character (fanfiction, fanart)

I'm really hung up on the Joss Whedon episode. I want Cody and Samantha Blue Sun Corp, conspiracy theory bullshit. They have been mind wiping our heroes for... reasons? What are those reasons? But it explains why Cody has been following them. Also, the show just keeps getting more aware of itself, and I'd love to see them maybe go a little mad as it becomes more obvious that they're on a show. Soren seems more aware of it than the others, maybe after his dimension-hopping.

For treats, I like Dan/Soren fluffy fic. I like foursome friendship fic. I like them arguing over inane pop culture things. I like hugs. Just no explicit sex. References to them (any of them) having sex with each other is fine.

Macbeth, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth (fanfiction, fanart)

Macbeth is my big Shakespeare show at the moment. This comes from absolutely loving Sleep No More, and if you want to write/art that version, you can. Obviously, I'm here for original text Macbeth, and would not have nominated it this way if I wasn't. M and Lady M deep in their madness, especially going mad together. Banquo and the witches definitely seem like they could show up in that, if you'd like to include them. I love the idea of more visions haunting Macbeth. And Lady M just driving herself mad with what she's done, and what she drove her husband to do (I'm an awful Macbeth sympathizer, do what you will).

For treats, I love Macbeth/Lady M as a pairing. They're positively ADORABLE, even as they plot murder. Just one of my favorite canon ships, in general. None of what happened would have happened if they hadn't loved each other.

Roswell, Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti (fanfiction)

Roswell was my first real fandom with my first real OTP: Tess/Kyle. Tess is my hands down favorite character and I loved Kyle so much (check the username, yup, that's a Roswell reference), and I really loved them together. They were funny and snarky, there wasn't anything that was "destined" or pointedly a shoehorn to that either. It seemed very natural to me. I only have two do not wants here: evil Tess (stories set in the midst of S2 or S2 AUs are a big favorite of mine) or any hints of Max/Tess, even in the past tense.

I love the idea of Kyle getting his alien powers and them dealing with that. That works for both tricks and treats. For just treats, Kyle helping Tess adjust to more human things. Maybe Tess gets really into Halloween (since that's not the sort of thing Nasedo allowed her to participate in) and goes overboard with cool decorations (thanks to her powers) and costumes.

I was also very tempted to throw Isabel in there as a character, but I decided I wanted Tess and/or Kyle focus. If you feel like writing Isabel in there with them, she's another favorite of mine.

Teen Wolf, Chris Argent, Jordan Parrish, Derek Hale, Lydia Martin, Kira Yukimura, Peter Hale (fanfiction)

I have the most prompts here just because I'm in love with several combinations of characters, for both tricks and treats. This is literally just various prompts for whatever you want to write. Take any of them or none of them, but please don't be overwhelmed for just 300 words. This is just a lot of options for a lot of characters.

I'm newly obsessed with bisexual Jordan Parrish. I've been shipping him with Lydia for a while, but then the season finale happened and I quickly began shipping him with Derek and with Chris Argent. He looked so tempted to go with Chris there at the end. His face when Derek was naked! But Lydia offering him the beastiary! I love all of it. Any combination works for me, including poly relationships. For horror aspect, Parrish literally does not know what he is or what he can do -- this is a HUGE door for body horror.

After 3B, Derek/Chris has become a big pairing for me. Them hunting together, one or the other getting possessed (having sex with someone while one is possessed and the other doesn't know it is my kind of horror). Or just some regular sexytimes if you want to write treats.

Peter/Lydia is basically my favorite creepy, fucked up pairing. I love the idea of them developing a bond that neither of them really want, but can't really ignore. This isn't really my pairing for treats, just tricks. If you matched on these characters and want to write treats, some gen about either of them? Happier, simpler times.

And, to finish up on pairings, Kira/Lydia. Sexy, seductive treats are good. For tricks, Kira shaking Lydia out of banshee-induced obsessions (like with the record player). There could be some psychological horror?

Gen about ANY combination of characters (or make any of the non-sexy prompts as gen) is totally awesome and welcome. No Sterek, please, even in implications or as a background pairing.
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