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Dear Yuletide Author,

Hello, and welcome! We have at least one fandom in common, so that means you must be pretty cool, and I look forward to what you're going to write. I'm generally easy to please, and if none of the prompts speak to you, don't worry about it and just write something you want to write. Some of the things in the specific fandom sections may contradict what's on the list below (usually I point this out, so there's no confusion), but here's some general likes and dislikes.

-Happy endings, or at least emotionally satisfying endings for the characters. Hopeful is always good.
-Chosen families
-Slice of life/day in the life.
-Missing scenes, codas, etc.
-Characters liking each other and being generally happy (in the fluffier fandoms).
-Kinks I like: spanking (as kink, not actual discipline), watersports, teasing, orgasm delay/denial, lots of kissing, masturbation/mutual masturbation, and over-stimulation. Anything not on my dislikes list is fine, but these are my favorites.

-Character bashing. Full stop.
-Eating disorders/body image issues
-Issue fic
-Hurt/comfort as an entire plot. It's fine as an element in a larger story, but getting hurt just to be comforted isn't my thing.
-Kinks I dislike: enemas, scat, sounding, medical kink.
-Total AUs (coffee shop AU, baker AU, etc.).
-No crossovers, please.

A Place to Call Home
Olivia, James

Oh god, this show. When I first watched it, my thought was that I needed some resolution fic for Yuletide. However, with the news that IT MIGHT BE BACK, I don't feel like I need that as much. That opened up a lot of opportunities.

I really could have nominated anyone and I could have picked any characters to request, but my true love here is Olivia and James. I love how much James loves Olivia and how she stands by him. I love that she's not afraid to tell ANYONE off for any reason, and especially in the defense of James -- when he feels like he can't defend himself against his father or his grandmother.

For two people who barely knew each other when they got married, they have grown into absolutely the best of friends. It's not easy, they make mistakes, and James is never going to be sexually attracted to her, but they make it work because they love each other and they WANT to make it work.

I really love the idea of them working out some kind of open relationship. They stay married, they produce more babies, are best friends, but totally have their own lovers on the side. I love James/Harry, so maybe he goes out of his way to track Harry down and bring him back to Inverness. Olivia/OMC is good, but I really did love the chemistry between her and Andrew Swanson. Since this would never happen anyway, a slight AU where Andrew got over the Anna rejection and genuinely wanted to help Olivia could work?

I would also not be opposed to some kind of Harry/James/Olivia arrangement.

For something less extravagant, Olivia finds one of Anna's erotic novels and experiments with masturbation. I know she loves the emotional intimacy of sex with James, but I'm positive she's never had an orgasm with him. She may have never had an orgasm at all, since masturbation isn't "proper". But if she's going to be married to a homosexual man, she may want to figure out how to pleasure herself. Maybe she gets that as a gentle suggestion from Carolyn (another favorite of mine who is welcome in any fic), who would probably be looking out for Olivia in that way. I bet Carolyn's slept with a gay man or two in her time. What are Olivia's fantasies? Does she shock herself finding that she gets off to something she considers dirty?

Or James and Olivia having sex. I in no way want to invalidate James' sexuality, because that's part of this and who he is, but I think they could have a lot of fun having sex now that the pressure is off. They both know what's going on, they have accepted it, and the failures aren't going to be so devastating. In fact, it might just be funny. They can enjoy each other without it having to be a big thing. Maybe they're giving it a go because they're married and it's expected, but they do it their way. Or perhaps they're trying for another baby. Whatever the reason, it should be fun with lots of laughter and emotional -- and if they're lucky, physical -- pleasure. For this prompt, the "kink likes" really aren't very appropriate. Not looking for kink fic in the sense of sexual kinks, but more of emotional kinks.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Robin, Marian, Will

This is one of my favorite movies. For a movie that was trying to be totally serious, it comes across a little camp at times, I think, but it works and I love it. This movie is perfect to me. Kevin Costner's American accent notwithstanding. Let's pretend that's not a thing.

I know that Robin and Will are not strictly "chosen family", but their choice to acknowledge and love each other is what I love about their dynamic. Will is so angry and bitter, but when Robin just immediately embraces him, it's like it melts away. At least his anger toward Robin, who had no idea.

What I really want is post-movie family fic. Robin and Will trying to figure out their place as brothers. It might have been easier for them with a common enemy in the Sheriff, but now they have to deal with the day-to-day. They bicker, they squabble, but they love each other and they don't really realize this is what being a brother is all about, especially Robin. Will probably had other siblings? Marian, on the other hand, knows exactly what it's like to have a brother and has to point out that this is what it's like. And they have 20 years of bickering to catch up on.

If focusing on Robin and Will isn't your thing and you'd rather write about Marian, that's cool! Perhaps seeing Robin and Will together makes her miss Peter and she reflects on her childhood. Or maybe there's a plot thing and Marian has to save Robin (seeing Marian and Will team up could be fun, since they have little interaction in the movie). One of the things I love about Marian is how well rounded of a character she is. She's a badass with a sword, she's smart, she's stubborn, she's quick to judge, she cries when she's sad, she does what has to be done even if it scares her -- she's a person. She's a strong female character in the truest sense, and not the trope that phrase has become.

These are my main prompts, but I will seriously love anything you write for this. I just want cute, happy, people choosing to love each other. If you like to write plot and adventure, please go for it! Feel free to add Azeem, Little John, Fanny, or really any other character who fits into the story you're trying to tell. They're are all incredibly wonderful and I love them all.

Josie, Max

This has been, hands down, my favorite of the Cracked Studios productions. I'm SUPER excited that there's going to be a second series of it. And for Yuletide, I'm looking for a little bit more rom in my com.

I ship Josie/Max so hard. Their obvious chemistry, mixed with their opposite approaches to love hits me in a good way. That could also offer some wonderful romantic comedy hijinx. Josie tries to make a profile for Max/tries to convince Max to make a profile! Max tries to get Josie to not science them! JOSIE JUST NEEDS TO BE SURE THEY'RE AT LEAST A 94% MATCH. MAX JUST WANTS TO GO ON THEIR FIRST DATE, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT.

A "love wins out over science" moral to the story isn't what I'm looking for, because Josie's trust in science shouldn't be invalidated, but maybe something where they meet in the middle? Compromise is a good part of any relationship anyway.

Other ideas include tropetastic classics like "having to share a bed", "pretending to date, but actually falling for each other when they do", "getting set up with each other on a blind date", and "accidentally seeing each other naked". Or anything in this kind of vein.

If you're more interested in gen here, a character piece on either would be good, or just them interacting. I wouldn't ship it if I didn't like the dynamic they have in the first place. We know the character summaries at the start of the first episode are from Josie's perspective. I'm sure it's easy for HER to see Max's perspective on love being that it's magic, since it's not rooted in science, but is it really?

If you want to include Blake and/or Elise, they're welcome to the fic. I'm not interested in Josie or Max paired with anyone else, including pre-canon Josie/Derek.

If you haven't seen Rom.Com, but are interested in watching it, you can watch the whole thing here and it only takes about half an hour.

Scayered Straights ( Quentin Tarantino parody)
The Protagonist, The Husband, The Jock, The Girl by the Lake

Here's my five minute fandom! Actually, it's only three minutes, so you should probably watch it. And, look, here it is!

When this originally aired on Cracked, I watched it repeatedly. It is SO well done as a Tarantino parody. I love the music, the over the top characters, and the "faggot" montage is probably one of the most hilarious things ever. You know who they're making fun of there, and it's not gay people.

I'm definitely interested in Protagonist/Husband. Yes, the husband dies before the trailer begins, but obviously, they were in love. I'd love flashbacks in the context of scenes from the trailer. Especially if you want the story to feel like a Tarantino film, framing it as a flashback definitely works. Developing a character we never actually see could be a lot of fun. Who was he? What was life like for him and the Protagonist before the wedding? Obviously, the Protagonist wasn't some random guy, he had some killing experience before this, was the husband part of that? Was he a target that the Protagonist couldn't kill? DID THEY HAVE TO FAKE THE HUSBANDS DEATH AND THEN TRY TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE? If so, how did that work out for them? Obviously, not well, but before the wedding.

A Jock-perspective fic could be cool. This is a guy who loses his eye and his dick to this crusade against the Protagonist. He can't just be homophobic dudebro who was hired by the Pastor. It couldn't have been worth it only for the money. Unless it was self loathing denial crusade. Like, if he can kill this guy, then he can kill the gay in himself. Or whatever cool reason you can come up with! Jock/Protagonist is okay by me, too.

The Girl by the Lake interests me. I think she's a bigger role than the trailer may imply? You see her at the pastor's sermon in the woods, you see her in a house, I guess, and then the shot by the lake. Now, it could be they needed more extras so they threw Katy Stoll in the shot, but aren't these the sort of things we write fic about? Does she work for the Pastor? Does she become an ally of the Protagonist? I feel like she must hold something there, just from how much she shows up.

Or, if you like big, long undertakings, write the whole movie! If that's a thing you like to do. No pressure for that, though. That's a lot.

Sleep No More
Malcolm, Porter, Boy Witch, Hecate

This is a fandom where you can take the character choices as "or" as opposed to "and". If you want to include all four, you are more than welcome. I'm interested in all four characters and their various relationships to each other. I have a lot of options and prompts for them.

Sleep No More lends itself to experimental writing styles, and I'm totally okay with that. Play with second person, non-linear storytelling, repeated sequences/lines, or whatever you need to tell your story. Or, if you're more comfortable with past tense and third person, that's okay too. As long as it's still coherent. I wouldn't want a fic to get so caught up in the style that it misses the story. I love character driven stories, and those can still be told through lots of interesting styles.

I'm not looking for audience member POV fics. I'm all for straddling the line between "this is real" and "here are literal audience members", and that can be stretched even further if you're writing about the witches, since they're aware of the "ghosts". But I want it to be about the characters and not about the person who watches them. Expanding the loop, missing scenes, interactions that don't actually happen, those are all good, but I'm not looking for anything pre or post canon.

Also, the whole performance can be interpreted in so many different ways. I'm going to offer some of my headcanons and interpretations about the characters, but don't feel forced to use those. You may see the characters differently, and that's okay. Or perhaps my views will make sense to you. Go with your instinct.

Headcanon #1: Malcolm is gay. This seems to be a pretty common interpretation, but it's not universal. And due the nature of theatre, some Malcolms are just gayer than others, but they all are deeply closeted, even to themselves. His interactions with Boy Witch, with Agnes, with Duncan, they all culminate to this view for me. His interactions with Boy Witch during the ball interest me, I think there could be a lot to explore there. Especially since Boy Witch seems like he'd just tease him mercilessly. In a sexy way. Malcolm makes a transition through the lobby, so maybe a "missing scene" interaction with the Porter? Or missing scene with Boy Witch (that might make Malcolm flee even faster from the ball).

Malcolm is, to my viewpoint, the only character of the four I requested who isn't aware of the looping nature of their existence. He can't grow, he can't evolve, and he doesn't even know it. Gen fic exploring that might be interesting. Or maybe he figures it out (or not... he is a really terrible detective) and can only hold onto the information until the next reset.

I prescribe to the idea that the Porter is aware of the loop. Sometimes, watching him after he sends Lady Macduff on her way is incredibly painful. Watching him reset the lobby, knowing there's nothing he can do to stop it all from happening again, it hurts me. His reaction to his own powerlessness really makes a Porter for me. I love him angry and disgusted about this, but sad works for me too.

The Porter really is the one character who is the exception to my "no woobies" dislike. He's such a canon woobie. He takes so much crap from Boy Witch, but he loves him anyway. I would be totally okay with Porter/Boy Witch fic. The Porter has some gender issues, but I'm not terribly interested in those as a focal point, but hints to it are welcome, as it's part of his character. I'm more here for his relationships, both with Boy Witch, and with Hecate. There's a lot, I think, under the surface in the connection between the Porter and Hecate that could be explored.

Being a dick is as much of a wonderful Porter trait as it is a trait of Boy Witch. The Porter's more passive aggressive about it (oh, you don't want milk in your tea? Have some fucking milk), while Boy Witch throws it in everyone's face. They kind of deserve each other.

I'm in love with Hecate. She is absolutely the most beautiful woman in the world and I am drawn to her. I yearn so deeply for a ring. I love how she manipulates Agnes, how she conducts the rave with feverish glee, and the way she comforts the other witches afterwards. Anything about Hecate is a good call. Witches can't cry, so she actively collects tears, and then makes people drink them. Hecate, what. Her only real interaction with Boy Witch is the rave/moments after, so an expansion on their relationship?

I like to say that there are characters I love and characters I haven't followed yet. Connections to other characters throughout the story is welcome. If you write about Boy Witch, there's nothing wrong with including Sexy and/or Bald Witch in there. Any characters that make sense for your story. Even if I haven't followed that character, it might inspire me to follow them next time.

Then She Fell
Red Queen, White Rabbit

The second scene I saw in Then She Fell was the dance between the Red Queen and the White Rabbit. I was the first person in the room to notice that there was something happening beyond that looking glass and I walked over to it and I watched them, and I literally thought, "Oh my god, I have a new Yuletide fandom".

I know, my priorities.

I love the way she dominated him, and the way he seemed to want to get away, but at the same time, he loved it. His reluctant submission was so sexy. That dynamic was amazing to me. You can see some of that dance here in a rehearsal context if you want a refresher. Or to see some of what I'm talking about.

One of my favorite themes throughout the entire piece was the implication that they actually were all mad. That they were patients in this hospital and none of the fantastic things were actually happening. Where the Red Queen tries to open her pill bottle and has to pick up the spilled pills, and the elixir she offered us to drink from the medicine bottle, it became so clear that it could all be an illusion.

I'm interested in how all those hierarchies happened under the idea that none of it was real. I'm obviously interested in the relationship between the Red Queen and the White Rabbit. I like those dynamics, and her control over everyone. But how deeply out of control she can be when alone, and what she does to maintain it.

I didn't get any intimate moments with the White Rabbit. There were a few moments where he was leading me to a scene, but it wasn't like I had a scene alone with him at any point. If you did, you can expand on that, I'm totally okay with one on one spoilers for this show. Just expanding on his character in general, and in relation to the Red Queen. And the White Queen, if you want to go there. She wasn't nominated (because I failed at knowing exactly what I wanted when I did nominations), but if you want to include her, that's awesome.

I'm happy with both totally gen perspectives or shippier perspectives. Due to the nature of the dance I loved so much, D/s elements are totally welcome. I'm totally okay with porn here, and I'd really love it as if it were a dance. The suggestion of porn. That might be hard to convey through words? I don't know, author, you'll figure out. I have faith in you.
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