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Dear Author,

Hello! Thank you in advance for whatever you're going to write for me! I'm really excited and hopefully this letter will help give you some ideas. If it leaves you with a loss, feel free to take your own route. If you enjoy writing the fic, I'll enjoy reading it, I'm sure.

General things I like:

-Happy endings. Obviously, some exceptions can be made in this exchange if you're writing horror fic, but I like at least a positive, hopeful ending.
-Chosen families
-Cuddling, closeness, forehead kisses. Both romantic and platonic.
-For porn, I'm pretty open to anything except the dislikes below. Some tried and true favorite kinks include: spanking, lots of kissing, over-stimulation, watersports, and light bondage.
-Slice of life/day in life
-Missing scenes, codas, etc..
-Specific to horror/supernatural/darkfic, I like psychological horror, bodyswapping, body horror, possession, ghosts, or just the dark truths about characters I love. Aura of creepy is typically better than all out gore, but I don't have a problem with gore, either.

Some general dislikes:

-Character bashing. Even characters we're "supposed" to dislike.
-Characters being rivals with each other in romance.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Character death
-Porn that includes: enemas, medical kink, or sounding.

If you're not into the pairings I have presented, gen is always a good option, too!

Baby-Sitter's Club
Kristy Thomas, Cary Retlin

One of my oldest and truest fandoms. Kristy and Cary are one of my big OTPs, but if writing them as a pairing isn't your thing, that's cool. I'm always okay with gen. High school fic is typically my favorite, but eighth grade fic is fine, too. Older than high school isn't really my thing.

What I love about Kristy and Cary's dynamic is their friendly sort of antagonism of each other. It's pretty crappy at first, but the more time they spend together, there is genuine friendship there. And part of that friendship is driving each other up the wall.

I'd LOVE a Halloween-specific fic for this fandom. Halloween pranks on each other, or them in a situation where they're somewhere potentially haunted and they keep thinking the other one is responsible for scaring them. Tricks or treats, either one.

No porn for this one, please. Thanks.

Cracked: After Hours

When I say "any", I mean "all". For everything. Anything here is a good idea. I love episode-like fics. Check out my other fandoms, or even just write about one of YOUR fandoms. I watch episodes about things I've never seen, I can read a fic about it, too. Whatever excites you.

I love the Joss Whedon episode for the reveal at the end. I'd love to see that explored. Why are they mind-wiping the gang? What is the purpose? How long has it been going on? What are they hiding? What are the implications of the show becoming more self aware?

Are there are any unforeseen consequences to Soren's dimension-hopping? What happens if different Sorens meet each other?

For lighter fic, I'm into Dan/Soren. I think AUs are fun here, especially if it's super meta. The only thing I absolutely do not want to see in this fandom is explicit sex. References to off screen sex are fine. Just nothing on screen.

Doctor Who (2005)
Amy Pond, Rory Williams, Jack Harkness

I really love the idea of Jack finding Amy and Rory after they've been stranded. Anywhere in Jack's timeline is fine, whether it's after he's been stranded himself, or post-Torchwood. Whether it's threesomey goodtimes or just the excitement of finding other time travelers (who have had some life-altering consequences of traveling with the Doctor), it's all good. That could be light or dark of its own accord.

I'm all for adventures. The three of them together would be giving off a lot of time energy that would be sure to attract the attention of something. If you like action fics, I could enjoy that. Especially if it's something that really preys into those primal fears, and these are characters who have a lot they could fear.

Jack is optional. Just Rory and Amy is fine, too, if that floats your boat. Just some kind of slice of life or fluffy fic about them post-Doctor. I'm all about this time where we know very little about them.

Dirty Dancing
Johnny Castle, Penny Johnson

I love these two characters so much. I love their intense friendship. Anything about them is all right by me. Pre-movie when they were together (my head canon is that they lost their virginities to each other because of course they did), and figuring out that they aren't right for each other, but best friends forever. Or post-movie when they're moving on with their lives, as they head into different directions.

I don't really have a "trick" prompt for this fandom, but if you want to write something darker, go ahead! Be creative!

Rick and Morty
Rick Sanchez, Morty Smith, Summer Smith

This show is off the wall and I love it. I love it when it's wacky and plotless and I love it when it's complex, meta, and disturbing. I love it when they combine the two seamlessly.

I'd love to see Summer included in more adventures. I always love it when she's involved. She brings such a fresh perspective to things, especially as Morty gets more used to this lifestyle. I love those fleeting moments of Rick's genuine affection for Morty and Summer.

This fandom is great for all of those dark likes I listed above, especially body horror. An experiment gone wrong? Revenge on Rick from one of his enemies? Has Morty been kidnapped by another evil Rick so Rick and Summer have to go save him??

Go bananas.

Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti

Roswell was my first real fandom with my first real OTP: Tess/Kyle. Tess is my hands down favorite character and I loved Kyle so much (check the username, yup, that's a Roswell reference), and I really loved them together. They were funny and snarky, there wasn't anything that was "destined" or pointedly a shoehorn to that either. It seemed very natural to me. I only have two do not wants here: evil Tess (stories set in the midst of S2 or S2 AUs are a big favorite of mine) or any hints of Max/Tess, even in the past tense.

I love the idea of Kyle getting his alien powers and them dealing with that. That works for both tricks and treats. For just treats, Kyle helping Tess adjust to more human things. Maybe Tess gets really into Halloween (since that's not the sort of thing Nasedo allowed her to participate in) and goes overboard with cool decorations (thanks to her powers) and costumes.

I was also very tempted to throw Isabel in there as a character, but I decided I wanted Tess and/or Kyle focus. If you feel like writing Isabel in there with them, she's another favorite of mine.

Lito Rodriguez, Hernando, Daniela Velasquez

The growing dynamic between the three of them is one of my favorite things. I love how Lito and Hernando first felt so suffocated by Daniela, but as time goes on, they totally welcome her into their home and their lives. She becomes a big part of their thing and it works really well.

I'd love to see some of their daily life, or the fallout after Lito is outed and the three of them standing together.

I feel like Lito had the least amount of contact with the other Sensates through the series. Hernando knew weird stuff was going on, but it didn't affect their daily life that much. Lito still has this whole world that hasn't been shared with Hernando (and by extension, Daniela). For darker fics, what if weird Sensate stuff happens to the point that it cannot be ignored, and could be scary on a psychological level.

Sleep No More
Hecate, The Porter, Bald Witch, Boy Witch, Sexy Witch

I haven't been to the McKittrick in over a year, and I miss it so much. I'm definitely looking for something atmospheric. I love the relationship between Hecate and the other three witches. I'm into stuff that really explores the relationship between the witches, and how their individual powers really work best together.

I love the looping nature of the show, so things that highlight that are cool. I like that they're stuck in this place, repeating the same motions, and never changed or grow, but while some character revel in it, others are doomed to it.

I think there's a lot to be said in the relationship between the Porter and Hecate, for characters that don't physically interact in the show.


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