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Dear Yuletide Author,
Hello and happy Yuletide! I'm excited for another Yuletide and I hope you're happy to be here. I am 100% in for all four fandoms requested. There is nothing "just thrown in", so whichever fandom we match on, I definitely want it. And I'm so excited.

I like het. I like f/f. I like m/m. All of these (and things in between) are all represented in various prompts. I like stories about the relationships between characters. That doesn't have to be romance, if you don't write romance (maybe a bit harder with the canon couples). I just love to see these people interact with each other.

Here's a list of some of my general likes:
-Happy endings. Angst is fine, as long as there is at least a sense of emotionally hopeful resolution.
-Slice of life/day in the life.
-Missing scenes, codas, etc.
-I like poly relationships and the negotiations surrounding them.
-Cuddling/closeness/forehead kisses (both platonic and not).
-Friends to lovers.
-I'm only specifically requesting porn for one fandom, but that's your thing for anything, my favorite kinks include: spanking (as kink, not as actual discipline), watersports, orgasm denial/delay, masturbation/mutual masturbation, and over-stimulation. Things not on my dislikes list are fine, but those are my favorites.

Here's some general dislikes:
-Character bashing, full stop.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Hurt/comfort fic as a total plot. Elements of h/c are fine, but not as a whole story.
-Kinks I specifically dislike: enemas, scat, sounding, medical kink.
-Total AU fics (Baker!AU, Bookshop!AU, etc), and no crossovers for Yuletide, please.

Escort Mission - Cracked
L33t, N00b

I'm opening this with a confession: I know next to nothing about video games. If you want to talk about video games in this fic, choose any, I have zero preference. Have fun talking about (and spoiling, even) your favorite game.

I've been into this series since the first episode, when N00b spit granola all over the floor. I'm fans of both Greg Burke and Michael Swaim, so them having their own series together is great for me. I look forward to every episode.

I do ship L33t and N00b. I think I was already shipping it when got to see them snuggling and I was sold. I would love a ship fic. I love getting together fics, I love established relationship fics. I'm okay with them being polyamorous (depending on how established you'd like your relationship from that episode where N00b went on a date). Maybe N00b also has a girlfriend who's also into video games because it turns out that's his type. Video game talk really turns him on. L33t and girlfriend just get aggressive and fight about video games.

If you want to do gen and just talk about video games, that's all right too. I like the dynamic they have on screen. I like hearing people talk about video games. Maybe N00b has been enjoying a Let's Play and L33t takes it personally, especially if N00b suddenly is telling HIM about it. I'd love if they talked about some old school games, while L33t mocks archaic game mechanics.

Second person has been the preferred method among Escort Mission fic writers. I love second person and I'm 100% okay with continuing this trend. I'm not in love with first person, but if you cannot do second person, that's fine. I'd rather the characters not be given names. The other thing I specifically don't want is if your favorite video game was completely misrepresented in canon, a fic that is dedicated to "fixing" those mistakes. I know from After Hours that this happens, but I'm not into fic dedicated to that.

If you haven't seen Escort Mission, the whole thing is available on youtube right here.

Married Under 25 - Buzzfeed
Katie Rumberger, Michael Rumberger

I love this series. It is simply three videos on youtube (Married Under 25, The Craigslist Couch, and Homebodies) about a young married couple. I love them. I find them so absolutely charming.

I love how angry Katie is about stuff. I love how she feels so intensely, even when she's not totally right. She digs her heels in on the things she loves and is resistant to change. This is someone who has held onto the same futon for ten years. She says what she's thinking and holding back is hard. She cares so deeply about things.

Michael, I think, is an easier to like character. He's laid back and takes things as they come. He wants them to feel like real adults, and he tries to take those steps to do that. I love how he's a foodie and still eats chicken fingers because he likes those too (and if you are also a foodie, food porn is 100% acceptable. Heck, even if you're not a foodie - make me hungry!). I love all the ways they work together as a couple. They seem to balance each other just right.

I want to know how they met. What made them decide to get married so young instead of just moving in together? What was the moment when they knew they were going to be together forever? Was it something little? Or show me their future. Where are they ten years from now? Or twenty? I want to see these fun characters just as fun in the future, but maybe a little bit more grown up. A little bit. Who are other people in their world? Their family, their friends. Expand their lives. I love day in a life sort fics; I love the little moments as just as much as the big ones.

I'm okay with angst (fights, fertility issues, jealousy, whatever floats your boat), but I want a happy ending. No divorce, no adultery. I'm not terribly interested in poly arrangements for these two. I love them together and want to see them stay together. I definitely want to see them beat the odds of young marriages.

Mr. Robot (TV)
Angela Moss, Darlene Alderson

I just watched this whole series in about three days. I wanted a lot of things, but at the end of the day, I narrowed it down to Angela and Darlene. These are two characters that we perceive as totally separate for most of the show, and then it turns out they have a whole history we know very little about. I have a major narrative kink that in characters who have unexplored history and wanting to see it played out in fanfic. We see so much of Angela and Elliot's friendship, but clearly, Angela and Darlene had a relationship, too.

Most of their interaction is based around Elliot, which makes sense in the show, but I definitely want to learn more about the two of them together. The two of them doing ballet together, teenage hijinx (Angela is so straitlaced, she had to have some teenage rebellion, and Darlene totally encouraged it), or kissing. Yeah, I ship it and the show isn't denying me, either ("babe", the cheek kiss). I love it. I love bisexual girls so much. I definitely feel like these two have a romantic and/or sexual history.

I'd also love a post-S1 fic. They both have a lot going on, so maybe they need to unwind. They meet up for a drink and it turns into something else. Or they just decide to hook up. This is the one fandom where I am actively seeking some porn. Take or leave the favorite kinks as you prefer (just none of the dislikes, obviously). Don't worry if porn isn't your thing, though. My heart isn't absolutely set on it.

The story doesn't have to deny Elliot's existence or anything, but I'm not interested in a fic where they just talk about him. There's a lot going on, and Elliot's breakdown is just part of it, at any stage in their lives. And where do they go from here?

I also ship Darlene/Trenton. And I was super into Angela/Shayla. References to either of these pairings is welcome, if that's for you.

A Place to Call Home (TV)

I am that person requesting any on a fandom with a bunch of characters. But fear not, there is no "oh, I love anything" here. I mean, I do, have fun, but here are also a bunch of ideas for various combinations of characters. Get ready, this is long.

It can be difficult sometimes, with a canon that is ongoing during Yuletide season, but here we are. If you want, I am 100% okay with original ending-verse fic. It's like our own canon AU! Especially if you haven't had the chance to see S3 yet, you can still totally play in this fandom with me. I'll try not to be horribly spoilery for S3.

Hands down, Olivia is my favorite character. She starts off so passive, but she becomes the person she always was inside out of utter necessity. She takes no shits and gives zero fucks if it means protecting James. She will do ANYTHING she can to protect her family. She has done anything and everything. Do not underestimate the amazing Olivia Bligh.

I love Olivia and James together. I want them to be BFFs and produce heirs and have their own lovers on the side. I want to see them negotiate this out, with Olivia initiating the idea (James, for everything, is so traditional). I want to see them happy. If they divorce, I only want to see it being mutual. No cheating on either end. I love the way they love each other. It's not a whole marriage, but they really do love each other.

The moment where Olivia starts crying when Anna is talking about how great sex is - girl is not getting satisfied. I'd love to see someone (Anna? Carolyn?) teach her about masturbation. I'm sure, as a proper young woman, she's never even considered it. If you want to include femslashy undertones, or just right out femslash, I'm all for that as well. Olivia deserves someone who actually wants to have sex with her, but if she can't have that, she should learn how to do it herself. Maybe James even catches her masturbating and they have a bit of confrontation about it (but they should work it out).

The relationship between Olivia and Anna was really strong in the first few episodes (I even shipped it a little), and they got so caught up in their own storylines, they became focused on those things. It'd be cool to see something about the two of them together.

I love the dynamic between Olivia and Andrew. She really does like him, and he falls in love with her a little. With a little bit of fudging and AU-ing, I could really ship it. Andrew is so unlikable, but he's a bit irresistible. He's quite petty, and I'd rather see him get over it. Maybe he's a partner possibility for Olivia in a poly situation with James. Another potential partner for Olivia is a certain introduced-after-nominations painter.

For James on potential partners, I'd love to see Harry come back. He's just so charming and sweet. He's good for James, too. Fic about their past? What had Harry been doing in the time between James leaving for England and his appearance on the show? He's just so confident in his sexuality, I like to imagine he was having lots of sex. Where did he go after? I want to see Harry happy.

A specific Christmas prompt: James and Olivia attend Carolyn's Christmas party and run into Harry there. Kisses happen? Or he has a boyfriend and is very happy? I ship him with James, but I'm okay with them not being together for James to see what he really wants out of life.

For season three, I adore Henry Fox and would be happy having him shipped with James. He's a bit more low key, but there was definitely flirting. Maybe a little backstory on him? I'd prefer Henry fic in conjunction with James.

I love the relationship between Anna and Carolyn and Jack. I love seeing them explore this new kind of family unit that they never got to be. Maybe an AU where they got to be that family unit the whole time? How would the relationships around them be different? Would they have stayed in Inverness or gone to Sydney? Would Anna have even met Gino? For not-AU, does Anna's parentage somehow get out into the town? How does that change things? Or maybe just one of their nights drinking and conversing and getting to know each other as they do now. I love to see them all close with each other.

Carolyn is lovely and how about some story from her life in Sydney? How did her Christmas party tradition get started? I imagine she's had her share of affairs (though maybe not as many as Elizabeth imagines she's having, gallivanting about in Sydney). I'd be all for a pre-series Carolyn/OFC fic. I also love Carolyn/Jack, so maybe them when they were younger. Their affair seemed short, but intense.

Elizabeth is such a complex character, and I adore her. I LOVE her backstory. I'd love to see something more in depth with her husband and with Jack Sr. Her internal debate of her love for Jack and her self imposed loyalty to her husband. She sacrificed a lot when he seemed to sacrifice very little. What would have happened if she had chosen differently? I'd love some more information on her relationship with her husband. Was there any fondness like James and Olivia have? I LOVE the parallels between Elizabeth and Olivia's stories, but how was it different from what they have? How was it the same?

Her relationship with Jack is so wonderful. I love their backstory, and her love for him out of love for his father. But I also love that this came from a place of her enthusiasm for education. She wanted to give him anything, in the name of education. Young!Elizabeth wasn't so cold, even with her sacrifices.

I love how the relationship between Elizabeth and Sarah is progressing in season three. Exploring that could be good. I like them on the same side. I feel like Elizabeth's issues with Sarah were dragged out way too long. I'm really into Sarah relationships with various characters, especially the ones we don't see a lot, like Olivia, James, or Carolyn (or Henry! He seems very intent on thanking Sarah thoroughly). I also love her relationship with Anna, and I love to see Anna reach out to Sarah and Rene.

The show gives us a lot of Sarah's backstory, so I don't feel the need for a lot of that in fic, but if that's what you're excited about, I'd love more focus on her happier times. Especially with Rene. If you know a lot of Judaism (I have a very basic knowledge, and I'm happy to learn more), I'd love a story focusing on it, and how important Sarah's religion is to her.

I think that's prompts for everyone! And this just gives you an idea of what I'm looking for. None of these prompts are set in stone. If in doubt, I like a nice balance of angst and happy. These character suffer so much, they deserve some good, fanficcy happiness.


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