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Hello, and thank you for writing for me! I'm excited about all of these pairings, and I'm glad that at least one of them speaks to you.

General likes:
-Happy endings. Angst is fine, but it needs to be resolved with at least an emotionally hopeful ending.
-Slice of life/day in the life.
-Cuddling/closeness/forehead kisses.
-Friends to lovers.
-Usually I'd list kinks here, but I have a few pairing-specific things, and otherwise, default to happy sex.

General dislikes:
-Character bashing, full stop.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Hurt/Comfort as the entire plot. H/C elements are fine, but not the whole story.
-Total AUs (bookshop!AU, coffee shop!AU, etc.). No crossovers, please.
-For kinks: enemas, scat, medical kinks, sounding.

American Horror Story: Hotel

Oh gosh, these two are so sweet. With all the darkness around them, and the dark things they've done, they are just a ray of light. I love how Tristan waited to let Liz live her life, and not lose herself to the hotel (not before she made it everything it should be!).

What is their afterlife like? What are they doing ten, twenty years down the road? How does time matter/not matter when you're already dead? I'm also interested in there being some way for Liz to still keep in contact with her family, especially her granddaughter. I love that they find the ghosts some purpose in the real world. Does Liz keep working for Will's company? Does she pass her work on to someone else? What does Tristan do now that he's showing himself to the hotel?

Kinks for if you choose to do porn: Teasing, light spanking, some dirty talk. Or just not being able to keep their hands off each other. It's been so long, and they're ready.

Considering the canon, I'm all for darker fic here, if that's something you want to write. I'm all for including any of the characters who remain in the hotel. I only ask that no matter what, Liz and Tristan remain together.

Black Sails

These characters don't speak to each other, have about 15 seconds of interaction and I ship it so hard. Then again, I've shipped on less.

I'd love to see Abigail independent. Whether she goes to Nassau, or becomes a pirate herself, or works to be an official with a peculiar view on piracy (especially after her father's reputation). Or something I hadn't thought of. Seeing her really spread her wings is something I'm into.

I like getting together fic, and I like established relationship. If you're a porn writer, or even if you're not, I'm really partial to the idea of a first time fic for them, especially if they're both virgins (Billy's just been really focused on his job?). I love fail!sex that they can laugh about, or fail!sex that turns into good sex. Especially if they're just starting out. I just want them to be cute and happy.

What do they do together? What's the foundation of their relationship? There's so much freedom here because it can be anything you'd like. Interaction with other characters is encouraged if that's where your fic takes you!

I'm keeping up with season three, so don't worry about spoilers. Also feel free to ignore the season three canon if it hinders your fic! As I write this, we're only two episodes in, so who knows what could happen.

Star Wars
Padmé/Obi-Wan, Padmé/Sabé, Obi-Wan/Sabé

First things first, I am 100% on board for Padmé lives AUs, especially if she fakes her death and goes into hiding after giving birth. I'm all for she never married Anakin AUs (someone else can be Luke and Leia's mother? Or it was just a short term thing that ended in pregnancy). My infidelity DNW still applies, so no sneaking around behind Anakin's back during the events of AotC or RotS. He'd probably Force-figure that one out anyway.

And if you wish to threesome my pairings, I'm all for that, too. I'm always into poly relationships.

So, Obi-Wan and Sabé spent a significant amount of time together during TPM and none of it is shown. He had to have spent some time with her. What did they talk about? Did he get to see a more charismatic side to the "queen" that she didn't show to the public? What was his reaction when he found out she was a decoy? Obi-Wan's a dedicated Jedi who would put all thoughts of romance out of his mind, so what about after Padmé's death and he goes to Tatooine? There's no council left to dictate his romantic life. What if Sabé went with him? I'm not opposed to the Obi-Wan and Sabé are Rey's grandparents theory, either. If that's a thing for you, or just something you'd like to play around with, go for it!

I love Padmé/Obi-Wan in that post-RotS setting where she faked her death. Whether she goes to Tatooine with him to watch over Luke, or they go hide somewhere else together (and Obi-Wan goes to Tatooine later). A not-explicit romance, feeling each other out for romance sort of fic works too. Or they've just been living together platonically for so long they don't even realize they've fallen in love. Or Padmé initially goes with Bail to be with Leia (hence Leia's memory of her) and something happens and she has to disappear and Obi-Wan comes to help?

Another possibility is shaping the prequels as being Obi-Wan/Padmé the whole time and Anakin's jealous fuels his turn to the Dark Side, just no major Anakin focus, and nothing non-con. But that sounds like a really intensive story. That's a lot for an exchange.

For both Obi-Wan pairings, there's a pretty good chance, he's a virgin (or could be for the sake fic). He's been training to be a Jedi since he was a child and romance is a no-no. Either (or both, if you go there) of these ladies could teach him a few things.

Padmé/Sabé also works for Padmé faking her death and going into hiding. Why wouldn't she take one of her most trusted handmaidens with her? What are their lives like? How does a romance bloom? Perhaps they go somewhere where being in a relationship is the best way to blend in, and it goes from fake relationship to real? Pre-TPM could work, but they're both so young then, so nothing sexually explicit for that time period.

As you can tell, I'm really hung up on this in-hiding idea post-RotS. This is not a thing you have to write if you don't want to. If you can come up with something that's assuredly more creative, please do. I'd love to see some vibrant, original, Star Warsian settings, no matter which pairing you write!
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