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Dear Yoda,

Hello and thank you for writing for me! As you may notice, I'm totally into prequels right now. I love Padmé and it seems you like her at least or you wouldn't have been matched to me. I'm really excited for this exchange. This will be fun!

I haven't seen The Clone Wars (it's on the to-do list, maybe I'll have seen it by May 4th?), and even though this exchange is movies only, I just wanted to mention it. But if you want to include Clone Wars tidbits, that's okay.

General likes:
-Happy endings. Angst is fine, but it should have at least an emotionally hopeful ending.
-Slice of life/day in the life. I like the little moments as much as the big ones.
-Cuddling/closeness/forehead kisses.
-Friends to lovers.
-I'm not specifically looking for porn for any pairing, but if that's your thing, kinks I like: spanking, teasing, lots of kissing, masturbation/mutual masturbation, watersports, over-stimulation. And if you're doing Jedi characters in there, Force-related sex things could be fun.

General dislikes:
-Character bashing, full stop.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Hurt/comfort as an entire plot. Elements of h/c are fine, but not the whole plot.
-Total AUs (bookshop!AU, coffee shop!AU, etc). No crossovers, please.
-Kinks: enemas, scat, medical kinks, sounding.


I am a big subscriber to Padmé faking her death and then going into hiding. Maybe she goes to Alderaan to watch over Leia and keeps in some kind of contact with Obi-Wan. Or something happens on Alderaan and Obi-Wan has to come get her out of there and then they don't know what to do with each other. After she gets to catch a glimpse at Luke, where do they go from there?

Or go total AU and it was always her and Obi-Wan (thus fueling some of Anakin's turn to the dark side?) and Luke and Leia's mother was someone else. How would Obi-Wan handle love+being a Jedi differently? How would it be different for Padmé? Though that's a very intense prompt for an exchange.


Padmé has been working in politics since she was a kid. Two terms as queen, then a senator, there's not a lot of time for relationships. Maybe handmaiden "companionship" isn't uncommon, and Dormé is a very willing participant? Or maybe Dormé has been crushing on Padmé and doesn't know how to express it to her superior while Padmé is also crushing and assumes it's totally inappropriate.

I'd love for something set prior to AotC for them. Maybe Padmé and Dormé were each other's first kiss. If you skew younger, nothing sexually explicit, but cutesy kisses and "first" things are good.


It's everything you love about canon relationships with added more relationships. Not shockingly, I'm all for the Padmé focus of the three and not just Obi-Wan/Anakin. Do the events play out the same? What's a day in their life like? How does Obi-Wan reconcile this with himself after a lifelong dedication to becoming a Jedi? I imagine Padmé would find the words to comfort him in a way Anakin just...can't. But he tries.

If you do a getting together story, I'm fine with Padmé and Anakin bringing Obi-Wan into their relationship or Obi-Wan and Anakin bringing in Padmé. I'm not into for "Padmé match-makes Obi-Wan and Anakin" type stories. I do like poly negotiations and everyone talking out their feelings.


I am all about that sweet Padmé gen. Padmé as a kid, or something in the ten years between TPM and AotC. I love the little moments as much as the big ones. I want Padmé the political science nerd, who wakes up in the morning excited to talk about trade negotiations. We always see her in the middle of very big, important things. How is she when she's excited about her job? What does she love about it? She wouldn't have agreed to become senator if she didn't love the work.

I'm always interested in Padmé's relationship with her handmaidens. I feel like there has to be a solid relationship between them. I love in TPM where Sabé singles out Padmé, who she knows is actually the queen, to go clean up R2. I'm sure Padmé. when she's masquerading as a handmaiden wants to be treated as just another one, I love the idea of whenever anyone is the queen they pick on her a little bit, and whenever things aren't so busy and life-threatening, they have a good time together.
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