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Dear Author,

Hello! I'd like to thank you for writing for me and having such good taste in femslash pairings. I like a whole spectrum of things - fluff, angst, porn, cuddlefic, you name it. I like long, plotty tales and I also enjoy small character moments. So excited for you to spin your story!

My general likes:

-Happy endings. No matter what happens, there should be a happy ending. Or at least ending on a note that positive for the future and the characters are left emotionally satisfied.
-Chosen families.
-Cuddling, closeness, forehead kisses.
-Slice of life/day in the life.
-Missing scenes, codas, etc.
-In terms of porn, if that's something you want to write - please feel in no way obligated - I like spanking as kink, lots of kissing, light bondage (being tied up, put into a compromising position; a lack of control), over-stimulation, and watersports.
-I love both getting together and established relationship fics. Friends to lovers is a great trope.

My general dislikes:

-Character bashing, even from a character we're supposed to dislike.
-Cheating/adultery. If characters are in a canon relationship, either ignore that it's a thing, or have an off screen amicable break-up. Or an open relationship. I love poly stories!
-Porn that includes: enemas, sounding, scat, or medical kink.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Total AUs (coffee shop AU, baker AU, etc.).

Baby-Sitter's Club
Claudia Kishi/Ashley Wyeth, Laine Cummings/Stacey McGill, Stacey McGill/Janine Kishi

BSC is one of my oldest and most beloved fandoms. I'd always felt a little bad because I don't get too much into femslash for it, but as you can see, I do. I just generally don't ship any of the baby-sitters with each other and it took me a while to realize that. Luckily, there are tons of supporting characters that I love to ship with the sitters. High school set stories are my favorite, though aging them up further is okay, too. I don't really care for "married with kids" and reunion fics. I'm not really seeking porny stories for this fandom. But I do love detailed descriptions of what the characters are wearing! Not even kidding, it's one of my favorite things.

I wish Ashley had come up more often after book #12. She had a very distinct narrative as an artist and nothing else. She has so much room to be developed further as a character. She was so all or nothing in her relationship with Claudia. How does Ashley grow and change? There are so many options for Ashley and Claudia to become friends again. And definitely even more options if they become girlfriends. And goodness, the BSC couldn't stand Ashley. How would the girls react to that? Especially if it's an eighth grade or high school set story. What about Claudia and Ashley modeling for each other for a class? Claudia and Ashley going to MOMA or The Met.

I adore Laine Cummings. I've always idealized her life and even though she got swept up in her own coolness, I still love her. The super privileged New York City life with the Broadway producer father, it's simply everything I never had and always wanted. How open would Stacey be to revisiting her relationship with Laine? They can't go back to who they were when they were 13, but now it's something else. Laine has been consistently inconsistent, what with dropping Stacey after her diabetes diagnosis and again later when she's "too cool". How does Stacey learn to trust her again? (though Stacey was guilty of this herself later on) When did Laine figure out that there are things more important than being cool? I love me some NYC and having it as a romantic setting would make me incredibly happy.

I never really considered Stacey/Janine, but the more I think about it, the more I'm interested in the dynamic. I love the idea of these two young women who have very specific expectations put on them. Janine mentions early in the series that she feels like she's expected to stay in her room and do her homework rather than even spend time with her family and she feels disconnected from everyone because of it. Stacey is popular and into fashion, and while no one discourages her from pursing her love of math, it's not the thing most people know her for. She, like Janine, ends up with societal expectation placed on her, just in a different way. That seems like such a bonding point for them. How do they both fulfill and abandon those expectations?

Black Sails
Anne Bonny/Mary Read, Anne Bonny/Max, Anne Bonny/Original Female Character

I love me some Anne. I love Anne being a badass (all of her actions in the S3 finale were everything I've ever wanted), and I love Anne working through her emotions. Basically, she can do no wrong in my mind.

The one thing that makes me sad about Black Sails is that Mary Read has never been introduced. As much as I loved Anne coming back in season two, the idea of her running off on her own and meeting Mary and having piratey adventures together is really appealing. Bringing Mary in through other ways, like her coming to Nassau or is someone from Anne's past. Does/did Anne mistake her for a man at first? But badass pirate action followed by sex and/or cuddling (just for contrast after the pirating and probably killing) is definitely a big yes.

I love Anne and Max. They just found each other at the right time and things fell into place (and fell out of place just as quickly). Anne really finds herself in Max in a way she'd never really had a chance to be herself before. She'd defined herself by a few things and Max allowed her to see what else she could be. I'm good for an S2/early S3 set story where they're together, or a situation where Anne could stay with Max in Nassau -- or Max making different choices and leaving with Anne. Max brings out something deeper and more emotional in Anne, and I think that scares her a little, that she can feel this deeply. When did Anne let go? What is she still holding onto?

Original character! If that's something you're into and you like making OCs, I'd love to see Anne with an OC. Is she another pirate? Does she live in Nassau? Or the Maroons Island? Or somewhere else! It'd be cool to see an OFC from a totally different culture than Anne, and where they find common ground. Anne is so naturally distrustful of new people, how would someone find her way into Anne's life? What do they have in common? Maybe she came to Anne's aid in a fight, or vice versa.

It's hard to have a conversation about Anne without mentioning Jack. I love his relationship with Anne. Including him in your story is obviously totally okay. Not including him is also totally okay. I like Jack in a poly situation with Anne when she's paired with Max, but not really when she's paired with Mary (and use your own discretion if you write an OC! You know your OC better than I do!). He is optional in all situations, but they come as such a package deal, I had to make note.

This is the only fandom I have a fanart option on, so if we matched here for art, I'm all for kissing and cuddling and closeness for all pairings. I also like those things in contrast to pirate badassery. And if you like to draw porn, there's no complaints from me! I love the costume porn of Black Sails as well. I just feel absolutely transported there in the details, even the anachronistic ones.

Ex Machina

I just watched this movie and it's very in my head right now. I'm seeking AUs on the ending. I'd love to see Ava repair Kyoko and they leave together. How do they navigate the outside world? How do their gain autonomy over their bodies and their existence? Is this the beginning of the singularity?

In a more romantic sense, they've both been programmed to adhere to men. Ava was designed to appeal to Caleb and I'm assuming Nathan designed Kyoko to his own preferences. How do they determine what it is they like for a change? Are they trying out everything? Are they going for a full human experience? Or do they accept that they are beyond a human experience? And, well, if you want to write porn for them, I am definitely interested in how they experience sex on their own terms (especially Kyoko).

Gravity Falls
Candy Chiu/Grenda, Wendy Corduroy/Tambry

I adore the relationship between Candy and Grenda. They would do anything for each other (and Mabel, and anyone else they liked). They may bond over boys and which boy is the cutest, but I remember being "boy crazy" at their age, and turns out I'm pretty queer. Their nerdiness and their outersiderness, but ultimately lovable and sweet. I adore friends to lovers (or simply adorable couple, depending on if you want to age them up or not). Are they both crushing on each other, but are too afraid to say anything? Even Grenda! Maybe this is the one thing Grenda feels like she can't say. Or perhaps they got together during the school year and feel anxious about telling Mabel when she comes back for the summer.

I'd love some more character development of Tambry. She gets so much angsty teenage stereotype and that's the joke, but there has to be so much more to her than that. It'd be cool to see her character explored maybe through the eyes of Wendy, or in their getting together. Wendy seemed to think that Tambry being engaged in the events of the convenience store to be a good thing, keeping a note of how much she looked up from her phone. How else does Wendy get her attention? How does their friend group acclimate to their relationship? I'm okay with poly in terms of Tambry still being with Robbie, but I'd prefer it as a hinge on Tambry and not having any Wendy/Robbie other than references to their past relationship. I'm definitely more interested in the Wendy/Tambry end of things.

They both can take things very flippantly, so how do they know if the other is actually serious about getting together? Does one have to just grab and kiss the other? Or if it's an established relationship story, what happens when it's time for college? What does Tambry do as a summer job? Or is she hanging around the Mystery Shack more?

Savannah Monroe/Marti Perkins, Alice Verdura/Original Female Character

I love Savannah/Marti. The show threw the possibility of them being enemies right out the window and they became such good friends. Any "boy drama" was boring to me. I just wanted them to be best friends forever, and frankly, they'd be great together. It's like the opposites attract kind of thing. They have such great chemistry.

A coming out story would be nice, but I would NOT like super over the top Christian-inspired homophobia from Savannah's parents. I realize these are the people who let Savannah transferring to secular school cause of rift between them, but maybe leave some of it implied as opposed to being on the page? Reading someone quote Leviticus in anger is not my view of fun time reading. Maybe someone (Charlotte?) is surprisingly supportive and helps in swaying the rest of Savannah's parents. I'd rather see them come together than be torn apart. Savannah's faith is one of the things I love about her character -- she's devout without it being her entire identity. And I don't know if there would be a time that Savannah would give up on a relationship with her family, even if Marti doubts it would ever happen.

For more funtime ideas, squad reactions to their relationships, or enjoying hotel rooms on road trips, or Savannah wanting to get a go of Marti in the back of Wanda's Buick.

Alice is one of my favorite characters. She's all tough outer shell, but she's got a hard to reach soft center. I love the way the show peels back her layers. I don't actively ship her with anyone, but I thought maybe an OC would be nice. Alice would be all up front with herself about being bi. Maybe she's into someone on a rival squad. Can you imagine her trying to seduce a MemChris cheerleader because she genuinely likes her? I could easily see her doing it because she wants to distract someone, but because she actually likes the girl? Would she approach it differently or would she try to manipulate her way in like she tends to do?

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

This movie is that brand of stupid-funny. It's a little over the top for me, but at the same time, I was weirdly charmed?? What I love about it the most, however, is the relationship between Tatiana and Alice. For them being self-centered "bad girls", they have a lot of feelings for each other. Tatiana is willing to do anything for Alice. She wanted to do the whole thing because she felt that Alice needed to get out of the city and go on a vacation. Sure, she got a Hawaii vacation too, but that's not the point.

I'd love to see them realize that their closeness is actually kinda gay. I'm totally on board with their level of disreverence. I'm sure they've kissed in bars to get free drinks, but what about when one of those kisses seems a little too real? I'd really love to see a getting together story for them, but I'm not adverse to an established relationship.

I'm okay with Dave being involved in a poly situations if you'd like to go there (I thought Dave/Alice was really cute, actually), but no Mike. I'm still mad the movie even went there. Either a true threesome or Alice dating both of them, it works for me.


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