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Dear Creator,

Hello and welcome to my letter! Happy trick or treat season! If none of my prompts appeal to you, feel free to go in a different direction. Prompts aren't my strong suit, and I know it. I did specifically request no smut for a lot of these fandoms, but other than that, go wild! If we happened to match on art, the same rules apply. Have fun with it. I'm probably going to enjoy something you enjoyed making more than something you felt forced to create.

General things I like:

-Happy endings. Obviously, some exceptions can be made in this exchange if you're writing horror fic, but I like at least a positive, hopeful ending.
-Chosen families
-Cuddling, closeness, forehead kisses. Both romantic and platonic.
-For porn, I'm pretty open to anything except the dislikes below. Some of my favorite kinks include: spanking, lots of kissing, over-stimulation, watersports, and light bondage.
-Slice of life/day in life
-Missing scenes, codas, etc..
-Specific to horror/supernatural/darkfic, I like psychological horror, bodyswapping, body horror, possession, ghosts, or just the dark truths about characters I love. Aura of creepy is typically better than all out gore, but I don't have a problem with gore, either. I love a creepy open ending.

For art:
-I tend to like a more realistic style of art, but what I'm the most interested in is YOUR style of art. Draw something in the way you like to draw the most.
-I like both trick and treats in art.
-I have a thing for hands. Don't worry if that's not your thing. Definitely not compulsory.
-I haven't really asked for art in the past, so I apologize if my prompts aren't the best for art. I'm still learning.

Some Do Not Wants:

-Character bashing. Even characters we're "supposed" to dislike.
-Characters being rivals with each other in romance.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Character death (unless the character is canonically already dead).
-Porn that includes: enemas, medical kink, or sounding.

If you're not into the pairings I have presented, gen is always a good option, too!

Baby-Sitter's Club
Kristy Thomas, Cary Retlin

One of my oldest and truest fandoms. Kristy and Cary are one of my big OTPs, but if writing them as a pairing isn't your thing, that's cool. High school fic is typically my favorite, but eighth grade fic is fine, too. I don't care much for fic set much past high school.

What I love about Kristy and Cary's dynamic is their friendly sort of antagonism of each other. It's pretty crappy at first, but the more time they spend together, a genuine friendship emerges. And part of that friendship is driving each other up the wall.

I'd love a Halloween specific fic for this fandom, as some of my favorite BSC books are the Halloween ones, but they could be set anytime. Including any of the baby-sitters as the story asks for them is totally great. I love all the BSC members.

-Ending up in a building that may actually be haunted (did they dare each other to go there?) and thinking the other one is trying to scare them, but maybe it's actually a ghost. Or Alan Gray. OR A GHOST.
-There's not usually a chance to be alone in Kristy's house. Somehow, she's home alone and the emptiness gets to her and she scares herself (or something is scaring her).
-Cary's been writing a scary story and things from it keep happening after he writes them. Coincidence?

-Prank war! Halloween pranks, getting more elaborate as they go.
-Halloween Hop! I love long descriptions of outfits/costumes.
-Not being too old for trick-or-treating.

No porn for this fandom, please.

Black Sails
Jack Rackham, Anne Bonny, Charles Vane

I love absolutely everything about these three characters. They ping my chosen family dynamic hard, but I also ship pretty much any combination of them, so any way you like it, I like it. Also, fics about any of them on their own, that's also cool because I love them individually. Any of these prompts can be taken as romantic or platonic. Even the fluffy ones.

I have some season three specific prompts, but any of the other prompts can be in stories set at any point in the series or pre-series. I would prefer no total AUs (coffee shop AU, etc.), but swapping out smaller details for the sake of the story, or as the point of the story is welcome.

-Ghost ship! Coming across an actual haunted ship, taking it, and taking all its ghostly inhabitants with it.
-Vane's ghost haunting places or people.
-Vane coming back to life and is different in an unsettling way. Could be a zombie or more like a Pet Sematary just wrong sort of way. Could play up body horror and/or psychological horror.
-Anything pertaining to The Black Spot.
-There's something out in the ocean. Only one of them can hear it, but it's getting closer.
-Anne has never been superstitious, but there's something eerie about the nights alone on Maroon's Island. Something she can't fight with a sword.

-Vane wasn't captured at all and got away with the others. Even with the escape being only a step in their plan, there is happiness and relief.
-Puppy pile of content characters after taking a ship, or winning a battle.
-Vane being physically gentle with Anne. This appeals to me in a way I cannot fully explain.
-Porn. Okay, not so platonic, but I do welcome any smutty fic for any combination (or even solo) of these characters.
-Exploring Jack's love of reading.

Cracked: After Hours
Daniel O'Brien, Michael Swaim, Katie Willert, Soren Bowie

Anything here is a good idea. I love episode-like fics. Check out my other fandoms, or even write about one of YOUR fandoms. I watch episodes about things I've never seen, I can read a fic about it, too. Whatever excites you. It's fun to pick apart media, especially media you love. As a side note, I do ship Dan/Soren. Do what you will with that information. But gen is great, too. For non-episode fics, here's some prompts!

-Anything to do with the Blue Sun Corp. I love the Joss Whedon episode. What are they trying to keep the gang from knowing? What are the ramifications of continued mind-wiping?
-Soren has dimension-hopping ability, whether he can do it intentionally or not. Is he ripping holes in the fabric of reality? What are the consequences? What happens when multiple Sorens meet each other?
-Zombie apocalypse AU.

-Dan has a date and for some reason thought meeting up at the diner beforehand was a good idea.
-Katie sees a piece of media in which she finds a fictional character she'd like to bone. She wants to talk about this.
-Discussion queer media. Awkward silence when someone points out that they're all straight. Because, you know, they're not (even if there's no pairings involved).
-Zombie apocalypse AU: fluff edition.

No porn for this fandom, please. Fade to black or references to sex is fine, but nothing explicitly on screen.

Gravity Falls
Mabel Pines, Dipper Pines, Grunkle Stan | Stanley "Stanford" Pines, The Author | Original Stanford Pines

Oh gosh. I love these characters so much. I love all the characters on this show, but when I narrowed it down, I wanted something that comes back to the Pines family. This family is amazing. How Stan starts calling Mabel "pumpkin", and Mabel calling Ford "Grunkle" and THESE LITTLE THINGS MAKE ME HAPPY. Including any of the other characters is great. I love the Mystery Shack family.

I also love how creepy everything is. I love the monsters and the ghosts. I love the way things that are creepy for kids go this other place of scary that creepy for adults never really goes. One of my favorite moments was when the taxidermy animals in Pacifica's house began talking and the blood was spilling from their eyes and mouths. It was almost obvious, but incredibly effective.

-Monster of the week! Anything that's in the spirit of the Dipper's Guide episodes.
-Something from another dimension made its way through the portal. It could be a physical monster or some kind of parasite.
-There are serious consequences to spending any amount of time possessed by Bill. Not seeking Bill specifically as a character, but what happens after he's gone?
-We've seen what the inside of Stan's head looks like. What happens when someone has to go into Ford's mind (for whatever reason). What darkness lies there?
-Exploring the dark side of Mabeland.
-The tacky tourist trap concoctions Stan has made come to life.
-Mabel or Dipper get sucked into the portal and into another dimension. What do they find there?

-Any combination of the four characters doing something fun. I adored Dipper and Ford playing Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons. It was just so pure and delightful.
-Mabel finding some kind of seemingly dark and horrible monster that really wants sparkly stickers and a makeover.
-Puberty hits Dipper before Mabel and people don't assume they're twins anymore, and that hurts Mabel the most (they work it out somehow? This is a sad prompt that is neither scary nor fluffy.)
-Stan gets a new lady friend. She's a werewolf, but it's okay. He can date a werewolf.
-The infinity die accidentally gets used, but instead of something bad, something outrageously good happens. Everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop, but only good things come from it, even if they're weird good things.
-Dipper and Mabel throw the Grunkles a birthday party. It's not their birthday, but Dipper and Mabel aren't in Gravity Falls when it's their birthday.

No porn or romantic relationships (between the requested characters) for this fandom, please.

Tess Harding, Kyle Valenti

I requested this last year and got a gorgeous fic that I love. I'm requesting it again because I cannot get enough of these characters and these themes. Tess and Kyle make me so happy. They were funny and snarky, and there wasn't anything that was "destined". Their chemistry never felt forced. I only have two do not wants here: evil Tess (stories set in the midst of S2 or S2 AUs are a big favorite of mine) or any hints of Max/Tess, even in the past tense.

Tess/Kyle was my first OTP, and I love them to this day. Other than some obviously shippy prompts, any of the prompts can be gen or not. Including any of the other main characters is welcome.

-Kyle gets his alien powers and doesn't know how to cope with it. What are his abilities? Are they destructive until he can gain control of them?
-Kyle, maybe as a result of gaining his powers, is targeted by either the government or evil aliens and is taken. Psychological or body horror commences. He needs to be rescued.
-The events of "The End of the World" unfold differently, and Tess leaves, ushering in whatever disaster they canonically averted. How does she navigate this new landscape?
-Something is following Tess, but when she turns around, it's not there.

-Kyle helping Tess adjust to a more human lifestyle. Tess helping Kyle grow into his new alien powers.
-They've established themselves as family. What happens when those feelings turn romantic?
-Kyle's mother returns. How does he deal?
-The events of "The End of the World" unfold differently and Tess leaves, but there's no disaster. Tess has always been alone, and never been alone. Maybe independence from this whole alien thing is exactly what she needs.

Stranger Things
Nancy Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Steve Harrington, Lucas Sinclair, Dustin Henderson, Will Byers, Mike Wheeler, Eleven

I, like many other, love me some Stranger Things. I love the atmosphere of it, and the characters. There are so many possibilities. Since I requested so many characters, there's going to be a lot of prompts. I do ship Nancy/Jonathan/Steve. I don't ship any of the younger characters. AU-ing or speculating on Eleven's fate is highly welcomed and encouraged. There are prompts that reflect her being there post-S1.

-Repercussions of the Upside Down for Will. We saw a peek at them. How do they get worse?
-Repercussions of Eleven's use of her powers. Maybe the older she gets/the more she uses them, it goes beyond nosebleeds. What else can she do?
-Someone else finds the portal to the Upside Down in the woods. There's no Demogorgon. There's something else. It doesn't want blood, it wants something deeper.
-Mike starts having night terrors involving Eleven. He's certain she's out there and needs their help. The other boys think he's crazy, but then again, haven't they already dealt with crazy?
-Anyone dealing with the inevitable PTSD
-Lucas overhears something on the walkie-talkie. It's not Mike. It's not human.
-Nancy is convinced Barb isn't dead and goes back through the portal in the woods to find her. Someone (or someones) insist on going with her. What do they find?
-Something is stalking Jonathan at NYU. After everything, he's convinced it's supernatural, but is it?
-They always leave up a string of Christmas lights. Just in case.

-Will adjusting to his post-Upside Down life and the support of his friends.
-Steve is sure they were having a mass hallucination, but he supports Nancy and Jonathan's utter belief.
-Steve can only get so close to Jonathan through Nancy. He tries courting Jonathan on his own. Mishaps occur, but points for effort.
-Nancy doing something fun with Mike (and maybe the other kids?).
-Will and Jonathan bonding over music or photography, or Will teaching Jonathan about RPGs. I love how close they are.
-Eleven gets the chance to be a kid for a change, with no scary monsters to face.
-The boys teaching Eleven about Halloween and everyone dressing up and arguing over who gets to be Han Solo and just cute Halloween kid stuff.

No porn or romantic relationships for the kids, please. Romantic relationships and whatever level of porn for teenage characters you feel comfortable writing for Nancy, Steve, and Jonathan is welcome.
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