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Dear Author,

Hello and happy Yuletide! I'm so very pleased you'll be writing for me this year! If none of my prompts appeal to you, feel no pressure and take the story in another direction. The prompts, which aren't always my strong suit, are there to serve the purpose of giving you an idea of what I'd like. If you think of something even better than I could have, go for it. I feel very strongly that I'm going to enjoy a story you enjoyed writing more than a story you felt obligated to write.

I like big, plotty tales, so if you enjoy writing longfic, then by all means, have fun. If that isn't your fare, I also love the smaller character stories that make up just a moment of their lives. I simply love the way characters interact with each other. All of my requested fandoms were chosen out of the love of character interaction, be it shippy, or their friendship, or otherwise complicated in some way.

My Likes:
-Happy endings. Angst is fine, as long as there is at least a sense of emotionally hopeful resolution.
-Slice of life/day in the life.
-Chosen families.
-Missing scenes, codas, etc.
-Cuddling/closeness/forehead kisses.
-Platonic physical affection.
-Third person and second person.

Do No Wants:
-Character bashing.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Hurt/Comfort as the entire plot. H/C elements are fine, but not the whole story.
-Total AUs (bookshop!AU, coffee shop!AU, etc.).
-Character death.

BFFs - Rhett & Link
Rhett, Link

BFFs is a five minute sketch and is a thing of beauty. It starts off silly, and then turns into something... else. It gets dark and sad, and I love it. And I have so many questions.

How many iterations of Link have there been? How are the Links different from one another? How does Rhett feel about seeing his best friend taken away and replaced so easily? If Rhett's best friendship to Link is just part of a shady government agency project, how does Rhett feel about Link? How has he grown closer to someone who is perhaps some kind of government project?

What is the purposes of the recycling? Is the object to have a Link that doesn't develop abilities? To what end? What can Link do if the ability progresses? What agency does Rhett work for? What happens when Link's abilities get more advanced? What happens to the Links that are recycled? In the credits, the guards are credited as "future guards", so does that mean Rhett works for some kind of time agency? Is he from the future, or is Link?

Any of those questions can be used as prompts, but if you'd like some more story-based prompts to mix and match with the questions:
-Rhett can't bear to recycle Link again and they go on the run. Link's psychic powers advance.
-Rhett and Link tear down the system of Links and free the Link clones that are still in stasis. (if that's how it works??) What would Rhett do with multiple Links?
-Anything encompassing the "you and me against the world" trope.
-A day in the life of these best friends and Rhett knowing things about Link that Link doesn't know about himself.
-The day Rhett realized Link actually was his best friend and not just an assignment.
-The origins of Link and what his abilities can be. Origins of Rhett, wherever it is he works.

What I love is the relationship between Rhett and Link. I love Link's openness to discovering his "new talent", and Rhett's skepticism, all while knowing this is leading up to something else. I'm definitely interested in how these two characters have been put together and the adventures they could go on together in the universe that has been established.

I'm not looking for a romantic story as much as intense friendship. I would not like thinly veiled RPF, and am not interested in things that include their real life wives and children. The story doesn't need to follow the actual R&L backstory of lifelong friendship, so anything goes with how they met/how Rhett was assigned this position, etc..

My OCD - Rhett and Link (Music Video)
OCD Sufferer, Man in White Coat

My OCD is the musical comedy response to the ridiculousness of people calling OCD over things that aren't actually OCD I never knew I needed.

I feel like this video just begs questions of the universe its created. I'm interested in the purposes of the "focus group". What is it that the Man in the White Coat is doing? I'm sort of assuming he's a doctor, but there's no way of actually knowing that. He's very intent on the results of Link's (I'm just going with Link as a first name since we know his surname is Neal) work, but there doesn't seem to be a reason for it. What happens when Link returns? I love the eerie set-up at the beginning, and would love something highlighting the weirdness of the situation. Don't be afraid to go dark if the story takes you there.

I definitely think this video has ship potential. Things like the gazing at each other through the two-way mirror, "I don't need anyone else", and Link's desire to return could be due to more than just organizing. That said, I'm also into a gen exploration of the characters and storylines.

-Link exploring the facility and finding what other "focus groups" are happening. Or perhaps he is actually the only one, and finds out what's so special about him, specifically.
-Link returning multiple times and totally falling in love with the man who enjoys pushing him to his limits.
-Didn't realize they were dating.
-The motivations of the Man in the White Coat. What is he researching? Is this part of a larger study? What does he get out of this?
-After a day's "session", they go out for a drink. What do they talk about?

Obviously, Link's "OCD" is going to be a large aspect of his character, but I'd rather not have a story that focuses only on that. I'm more interested in the interaction between these two characters, though I'm sure the OCD would affect that interaction. I would not like lectures or issue fic about what OCD actually is. I would not like thinly veiled RPF, and am not interested in things that include Rhett and Link's wives and children. I am not seeking porn for this fandom. References to sex and fade to black are fine, but nothing beyond, say, a PG13 rating in terms of sex/romance.

I have no preferences on the Man in the White Coat having a name. It could be Rhett. Or Stone, or Rock. Or he's simply a nameless enigma. Link's character could have a different first name, for that matter. Go wild.

A Place to Call Home
Olivia Bligh, James Bligh, Henry Fox

Oh, this show. This is my dearest and most favorite soap. I love these characters, and of the three I've requested, they are my favorites. I realize that season four will be airing through all of Yuletide. You're welcome to ignore any new canon that impedes on your story. No worries about season four spoilers, as I am keeping up with it. My letter does include some spoilers for season four!

I love all three characters and you must too, for offering them, though if putting all three in your story doesn't work, focusing on just two (any combination!) would be fine.

Olivia is everything to me. She takes zero shit and will do what she needs to do if she thinks she needs to do it. Without question. She has hard loyalties to those she loves and will fight for them. While ever being a proper lady. I love her so much. Can include Lloyd in any of her storylines, but he's optional. As are OC lovers for Olivia, if you prefer.

I love her relationship with James and how it's building into exactly what I want for them: best friends, raising their kid, with their respective lovers. Of course, it's always going to be more complicated than that, but I'd love to see them find a place where they're happy with each other and for each other. The other men in their lives are still are a touchy subject. It'd be nice to see them move past that. I'd love to see them find a place where they can be a family, even if it's totally not what the 50's ask of them.

James is a great character, but he can be such a dumbass (and I mean that with the most utter fondness). He has so much insecurity and entitlement and that makes for such a destructive combination. I adore Henry and think he's very good for James. He's fun and charming, and smart and resourceful. I love how he's trying to give James a community, but James is still so comfortable hiding, he doesn't know how to truly be himself. I love that Henry has what Elizabeth can see in him - a respected doctor while also being gay, and respected while managing to be gay is all she wants for James. I'd love to see James really come into his own. He's basically spent his whole life being told who to be, right down to who to love. He deserves to be himself for once, whoever that may be.

-James and Henry run into Harry. This may play out on screen before Yuletide comes around, but perhaps with less drama? Maybe an AU version, at Carolyn's Christmas party, if you'd like to write a Christmas story.
-Olivia has gone back to London (to be with Lloyd, back with her parents, whatever reason), and James goes to visit her and Georgie. How are they after being away from each other for so long? Does Henry go with him? Is there awkwardness between James and William? Or Olivia's parents? Another option for a Christmas story.
-Flash forward to five years from now - where are they? How have James and Olivia arranged their unconventional family? What is Henry's relationship to Georgie?
-Exploring Henry's relationship with the wife of his deceased lover. Was she also queer? Did she have children with her husband? Also, potentially her meeting up with Olivia.
-Olivia has a lunch or a dinner alone with Henry. What do they talk about?

Smut prompts:
-James and Henry threesome Harry. Harry could use some h/c healing cock. Henry's a doctor, he'd see the benefits. James would be... probably very prudish about the whole thing until he got into it.
-Olivia masturbating while watching James and Henry. Or even just guiltily fantasizing about it.

Honestly, you can go anywhere you'd like with these three characters. Have them interact with other characters from the show (Anna, Elizabeth, Carolyn, or really anyone who isn't George or Regina). I can't say it enough, how much I just want to see them happy. I don't mind angst or soapy drama, but I need their happiness. I'd love to see Olivia being friends with James and Henry, and them co-parenting. But, of course, I don't mind a little soapy angst to get there.

If you go the route of smut, I don't feel that anything very kinky is really in store for these characters. But I wouldn't say no to a little spanking here or there.


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