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Hello and welcome to my letter! If none of my prompts appeal to you, feel free to go in a different direction. I don't have formal prompts as much as rambling paragraphs, and I apologize if that's not your speed. If we happened to match on art, the same rules apply. Have fun with it. I'm probably going to enjoy something you enjoyed making more than something you felt forced to create.

General things I like:

-Happy endings. Or at least a positive, emotionally hopeful/satisfying ending.
-Chosen families
-Cuddling, closeness, forehead kisses. Both romantic and platonic.
-For porn, I'm pretty open to anything except the dislikes below. Some of my favorite kinks include: spanking, lots of kissing, over-stimulation, watersports, and light bondage.
-Slice of life/day in life.
-Missing scenes, codas, etc..
-Poly relationships.
-What if and one change style AUs (including ignoring character death).

For art:
-I tend to like a more realistic style of art, but what I'm the most interested in is YOUR style of art. Draw something in the way you like to draw the most.
-I have a thing for hands. Don't worry if that's not your thing. Definitely not compulsory.

Some Do Not Wants:
-Character bashing. Even characters we're "supposed" to dislike.
-Characters being rivals with each other in romance.
-Eating disorders/body image issues.
-Character death (unless the character is canonically already dead).
-Porn that includes: enemas, medical kink, or sounding.
-Mundane AUs.

Black Mirror

San Junipero gets better with every rewatch, and I've watched it several times. I love the worldbuilding, but it's second to the characters, and I'd love to live with Kelly and Yorkie a little bit longer. What's their life like in San Junipero? How is an eternity of the day to day different from the five hour excerpts? Where else can they go within the world they live in now? How do they shape their lives now?

I'm all for conflict that gets resolved by the end of the story, or porn (lord, do I love femslash porn), or full on fluff, or something a bit more existential. If you're a worldbuilding person, even in this relationship focused exchange, I'm all for more of that as well, especially if it's character driven.

I love the 80s costume porn. We see the clubs of San Junipero, what about the fine dining? How would Kelly and Yorkie dress up for a fancy night out, all sequins and hairspray?

Black Sails
Abigail Ashe/Billy Bones, Anne Bonny/"Calico" Jack Rackham ,"Calico" Jack Rackham/Charles Vane

I have the feeling I may need some fluffy Black Sails fic by the time the fics go live, what with the mess I'll be for every new episode of the final season. I love my bisexual pirate show. I love the costumes and the sets. I love the way the characters interact with each other. My rambling works in the canon universe, but feel free to go in the way of fantasy if you want to explore that way.

Abigail and Billy may have only had a few moments of screen time together, but they made a lasting effect. Her attraction, and his, well, confusion. Perhaps there was a missing scene that put them together for a few more minutes? Or they run into each other at some point in the future? I sort of love the idea of Abigail rejecting her status and becoming a pirate. Or maybe the other way around, with Billy moving on from piracy to go into publishing, perhaps, and now that he's a respected man (with a mysterious past that only Abigail has to key to!), there's a chance for them.

Jack and Anne are everything to me. They're the first characters I fell in love with and nothing has pulled me from that love. They are relationship goals in every possible way you can configure a relationship. I love their history, and I love exploring that history, in anything pre-series. What about stories from when they were teenagers and growing up on ships together? Or anything exploring the complexity of their relationship, especially as it changes and grows.

The relationship between Jack and Charles surprised me. They didn't strike me as close to start with, but as the show went on, the importance of that relationship came to a forefront in many ways. How did that build? How does it change over time? When would, perhaps in season two sometime, Jack find his way into Charles' bed? Is this a fluid, easy relationship, or one wrought with conflict and confusion?

(I am definitely not opposed to any sort of Anne/Jack/Charles situation if you want to go there, but obviously, that's not required in any way at all.)

Pirates of the Caribbean
Elizabeth Swann/Will Turner

Do you ever forget about how much you shipped something until you go back and watch it again, and suddenly it all comes flooding back to you? This is what happened to me a couple months ago with Elizabeth/Will. Will's love is so pure and while Elizabeth wrestles with some more complicated feelings, she knows it's always Will she wants.

I'd love some takes of Elizabeth captaining her own ship, whether in Will's ten years off shore and she runs into him occasionally, or after and they have their respective careers? They know they'd have automatic allies. Pirate captain with a baby on her hip is such a badass image to me. And they have such great piratey costume porn!

Perhaps it's later (or PotC3 details are fudged, though they're canonically a little blurry) and Will and Elizabeth are on the seas together. I don't know if they could go back to their old lifestyle. Or maybe they try and it fails horribly, so they commandeer a shop together. The couple that steals together stays together!

Other PotC characters aren't necessary, but if you're into them, include away. Would rather not see Will and Elizabeth get overshadowed by Jack, but he's welcome in fics.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Bail Organa & Leia Organa

So, I've only seen Rogue One once at this point, and I'll probably kick myself for not requesting more things when I see it again and realize all my ships. But gosh darn it, I love Bail Organa. When I found out he was going to be in the movie, I flipped out a little. I love the prequels, I love Jimmy Smits in this role, and to see Bail again was an absolute treat.

His voice when he spoke of Leia. I squeaked and melted in my seat. He'd been so tense and stern throughout the movie and suddenly, speaking of his daughter, his voice was full of warmth and fondness. You could feel his love for her through the screen. It was perfect. I want to see Bail and Leia together. Obviously, he instills the political end of things, but how does he nurture that badass he knows is within her? Every now and again does he sense a little bit of the Force when she's speaking passionately about something? Does he try to squash it out of her, like Owen tried with Luke, or does he encourage her, even subtly? Are they competitive? It'd be fun to see them playing some kind of chess game or space Scrabble and just match wits.

I'm really thinking early teenage Leia here, but if you feel comfortable writing her even younger, I'm all on board for that. I kind of want some super dad and great father-daughter relationship stuff. Even if they have conflict, I love the idea that they're comfortable enough in their relationship to fight. That it can always end in a hug.

Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Padmé Amidala & her handmaidens, Padmé Amidala/Cordé

I love the prequels. They're so bad, but I love them. I especially love Padmé, and she has so many women surrounding her (and amazing costume porn!), and I could have requested all the Padmé relationships, but I narrowed it down to these.

For Padmé and her handmaidens, it's really a case of any or all in terms of characters you want to include. I'm interested in the training that goes into learning how to be Padmé, as Queen, or as senator. Padmé has to build such a strong bond to these women, and they to her. What is that relationship like? Is there a line between devotion and resentment? What careers in politics do the handmaidens want for themselves? How do they relate with Padmé? What kind of gossiping goes on at the end of the day?

For shippy ships, I went with Padmé/Cordé because I think there's a lot to explore, emotionally, and it gives good time for there to be a relationship. That pre-AotC time is some of my favorite time for Padmé shippy fic. She's a busy senator who doesn't have time for relationships, but something sparks. Something works. I'd love to see Cordé developed as a character, to really give some oomph to the inevitable, but with a focus on the happy time. Who is she? How does she see Padmé? How do they come together? How intense or casual is this relationship? Or, you know, you're welcome to focus on the femslash porn if you want to go there, too.

A Place to Call Home

Anna Bligh & Carolyn Bligh & Jack Duncan
Anna Bligh & James Bligh
Anna Bligh/Original Female Character(s)
Carolyn Bligh/Jack Duncan
Elizabeth Bligh & Anna Bligh
Elizabeth Bligh & James Bligh
Elizabeth Bligh & Olivia Bligh
James Bligh/Henry Fox
James Bligh/Henry Fox/Harry Polson
James Bligh/Henry Fox/Olivia Bligh
James Bligh/Harry Polson
James Bligh/Olivia Bligh
Olivia Bligh & Anna Bligh
Olivia Bligh & Henry Fox
Olivia Bligh/Anna Bligh
Olivia Bligh/Carolyn Bligh

Well, that's a list of names. If it isn't obvious, I have some serious APTCH feelings. It's one of my favorite shows, it came back from the brink, and basically seasons three and four were just an absolute dream in terms of my favorite characters going in directions I want for them. But you can always want more. Combining any of these prompts in any ways is totally welcome and encouraged if that's a thing you want to do.

Even if you aren't going to write fic, APTCH is available for streaming through AcornTV (five bucks a month subscription) on Amazon, at least in the US. If you're into period dramas/primetime soaps, this show is worth your time. Now, onto a million prompts. And if you intend to watch, the following is a sea of spoilers through season four.

I love Elizabeth's development as a character, and how her manipulative side can still rear its ugly head, even as she tries to better herself. She's still a work in progress. I love her support of James, even if she prefers it on her terms (Henry is a suitable partner, but Harry isn't). The two of them have a bond that I'd love to see explored. From the beginning of the series, that closeness, even rooted in fear of James' exposure, is really evident. Where did that come from? Were they always so close or is that something that was built over later years?

I adore Anna's flippantness around Elizabeth. She can get away with a lot with a perfectly placed, "oh, grandmother". How does Elizabeth support her through the divorce? How has Elizabeth tried to temper her incredibly progressive granddaughter over the years (to no avail)?

One of my favorite things about Olivia is how she takes zero shit from anyone. She is not the shrinking violet they thought she was when she and James got married. She has serious priorities (Georgie, James, herself) above even, or especially, other Blighs. How is her relationship with Elizabeth been repaired past their harsh exchanges? In what ways do these two women admire each other?

The friendship that has been built between Olivia and Henry is so delightful. They're in such a strange situation, and they've come to truly care about each other. Henry is so understanding and not threatened by Olivia's bond with James (goodness knows, James wouldn't be so understanding!). I'd love to see their friendship explored. Is there an instance where James can't make it to the dinner reservation, so Olivia steps in and has a lovely time with Henry? Or they bond over something James isn't interested in?

I love Anna and James' relationship. The revelation that they're actually cousins has done nothing to change how they view each other. I love Anna's steadfast support of James, and it'd be great to see the ways he supports her. Either through the divorce (taking her out in Sydney, trying to get her mind off of things), or any time earlier, like a missing scene or them at any point throughout the series. Sidenote: seeing her interact with Henry, not as a doctor, but as James' partner, would be cool. Really, Anna's been very supportive of all the queer people she's met, it'd be fun to see her as part of their group, even just as a straight ally.

Sidenote for those last two paragraphs: Olivia and Anna going out with Henry and James as their "escorts" for the evening as they date and Olivia and Anna have a lovely time on their own as well would be effing delightful.

I love the way they built Anna's relationship with her parents. The closeness she has with them (Mama and Papa! Eeee, so cute!) is so well realized. How about Anna living with them (whether in Inverness or at Carolyn's place in Sydney) after season four? How do they get on as a family unit in closer quarters? Or go preseries with Carolyn interacting with a teenage Anna, and how that hurts and is the best at the same time.

For the gen take on Anna and Olivia's relationship, I'd love to see them grow closer as single ladies in the city. They both love art and theatre, and those sorts of things are limitless in Sydney. They have a great chemistry together, and they sort of lost each other in their respective plots. They're going through similar things (though in totally different ways) and they can be there to support each other.

For the non-gen take on Anna and Olivia's relationship, there be kisses. I've shipped them since their dance together in the first episode. I sort of let it go when their storylines separated for the focus on Anna's relationship with Gino, but I'm back in the saddle now that they're both single! Perhaps Olivia finds things in Anna that she found so comforting in James. Olivia found what sexual pleasure could really be like, but maybe not on her own, and Anna shows her a few tricks that lead to something else.

For Anna/OFC, well, I'm just looking for some love for Anna in Sydney. She knows two groups of people in Sydney: the upper class and the queer community. Finding friends in the queer community seems easier and perhaps one thing leads to another with someone. If she's looking for ladyfriends, Henry knows a bunch. They mostly just happen to be lesbians.

James/Henry is just everything to me. I adore their relationship. They're so different in their approach to life. Henry has a stressful job and wants to have fun, and doesn't let being gay get in the way of that. While James, I feel like, still holds onto his sexuality like a burden. His entitlement gets in his own way constantly. We're slowly seeing Henry loosen him up. I think that exploring the queer community at the time is a big hand up for James. I want them to be together and happy forever. I love them so much.

Oh gosh, I love Harry. He's so sweet and pure. Seeing him and James together as teenagers, figuring themselves out together is really what I would want from a story. I love this pairing, but I'm very sold on Henry for endgame for James, so seeing them break up for Harry loving isn't what I'm interested in. But really anything about Harry and James pre-series, or even a missing scene encounter from S1 could be fun.

OR, here's my Harry/James/Henry option, where they go another step forward and threesome porn is great, or actual complicated poly relationship (man, James would struggle with that) that's outside of even the general understanding of the queer community they're in. Seeing Harry and Henry interact romantically could be fun. I just love a poly solves everything situation here.

For more poly solves everything, James/Henry/Olivia! Three characters I love in a romantic relationship. I'm not sure how that would work for them, being two gay men and a straight lady, but they work it out somehow. Or just some sort of porn situation, that's good too. James and Henry going at it while Olivia watches? James and Olivia definitely have and do engage in physical intimacy, just not sexual. Maybe there's just a nice snuggly pile of cuteness and happiness. Just some arrangement of the three of them together that makes them very happy.

The same sort of things go in for James and Olivia together. I love their relationship, and I love the way they've built things. I love them as co-parents and how important that is to both of them, above everything else. I still squee and flail when they hold hands or hug. Their intense relationship is so wonderful and I love seeing them together. Them working things out together, just a snapshot of their lives. Or maybe a missing scene from season one when they're still trying to make sexual intimacy happen and they allow themselves to fail and have fun, even if it's not sexually satisfying, they have fun together. I want to see some of those fundamental building blocks of their relationship.

Olivia/Carolyn is a little bit of a cracky ship, but it could be fun for porn, or a situation where, like, season one Olivia didn't really know how to sexually please herself (since James isn't doing it) and Carolyn shows her some tricks. For some reason, bathtub sexy times appeals to me a lot here? Or just, Olivia needs someone to talk to and Carolyn is there. There are kisses exchanged, that maybe don't translate to some kind of romantic relationship, but a connection between them?

I love everything about Jack and Carolyn's relationship. I love how accepting and protective he is of her. What was their relationship like as a teenagers? How did Carolyn fake okay when she found out she was pregnant? What was it like sneaking around behind Elizabeth's back with them in school? All the backstory! They have such a gorgeous, rich history.
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