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I submitted on the beta page for Yuletide as a beta for a handful of fandoms, and as an expertise in a small number of subjects. If you came here from that, please feel free to email me about your baseball questions. The only reason I didn't list Pitch as a fandom I can beta read is because I have a hard time keeping up with it (I work, very literally, every Thursday night) and I don't want to be spoiled for it if I'm behind.

But I can totally answer any questions you have about rules or baseball terminology. I've been a baseball fan my whole life, and really got into following it closely over the last eight years. I am a person people come to with baseball questions already.

I'm not super great with baseball history, as I know the basics of the greats and after that it's like, just Cincinnati Reds stuff. I'm also not great with stats. I'm still not totally sure how one calculates WHIP. What is WHIP?*

If you have dumb Baby-Sitter's Club questions, please ask me. I have so many BSC facts in my head that have very little use. I still read BSC books to this day. I love them. I know some of them inside and out. Charlotte Johanssen probably isn't into The Cosby Show these days.

Most of the other fandoms I listed are things I can beta read and be useful on.

I've been studying tarot for over a year now. I also read various oracle decks (which are harder to ask questions about because every oracle deck is its own system, while tarot is more universal, but even it has nuances from deck to deck). I dabble in scrying, but if that's something you want to learn about for your story, I can answer questions. That would include crystal balls, black mirrors, candlelight, waves in the water, or basically anything that moves or has a reflective surface. Seriously, you can divine with pretty much whatever you want.

If you just have questions about something, please email me. I'm happy to answer any questions on any of these subjects.

*It's Walks, plus Hits, per Innings Pitched. I actually do know that. It's basically calculating how many baserunners a pitcher allows per inning. Low WHIP is better than high WHIP. Pitching stats are generally "lower is better". WHIP under 1.000 is going to be unbelievable. Very few pitchers have done that. Clayton Kershaw hasn't done that.
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HERE WE GO. I read a BUNCH of fics on Christmas and now here I am, finally leaving some recs. Most of these are from the main collection, but a few Madness will sneak in there. In no particular order. I should alphabetize or something, but it's really just me going back through my history.

Gravity, The Sandlot, Benny/Scotty. Future fic, college fic. Really sweet with very nice build-up on the relationship and Scotty's choices.

A Recipe for a Successful Relationship (In Five Not-So-Easy Steps), The Rundown, Beck/Travis. I didn't know I wanted to read this pairing until I did. I love the way it's framed with food.

So You Woke Up In A Slash Fanfic, Chris Bucholz Advice Columns. You don't need to know this fandom, it's all about the format. HILARIOUS. Amazingly well done, especially if you're familiar with the format.

Eagles are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie: II: The Horses That Used To Be People But Were Turned Into Horses By Eagles Strike Back: The Revengening. That title is so long, but this fic is perfect. I love everything about it, I can't even express it. Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses is a silly 15 minute movie and this fic is the PERFECT sequel.

If I Never Get Back, Rookie of the Year. Dialogue only future fic with Henry doing an interview in the booth during a Cubs game. The story follows the game really well, too. I liked that aspect a lot.

9 Strangely Arousing Things About Doctor Who, Cracked: After Hours, Dan/Soren (ensemble). Incredibly well done AH fic. The characterization is perfect, the graphic use is amazing (I hate that I never thought of this) and a very well done Dan/Soren intro.

Mallory's Byline, Baby-Sitter's Club. The author is aware that the actual concept of this fic is unlikely, that everyone would be so successful, but I don't care. I have a HUGE weakness for fics where Mal is incredibly successful and this fills that. Also, Cokie Mason.

The Wonder of Boys, Breakfast with Scot (gen, Eric/Sam). There are some aspects of this story I didn't really care about (Ryan being a jerk, mostly), but all the Eric and Scot stuff is lovely and the characterization is pitch perfect.

Don't Piss Me Off, Teen Wolf RPF, JR Bourne/Tyler Hoechlin. This is a really hot watersports RPF fic. I don't care on any level of how terrible that is. This fic is fantastic.


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